Monday, November 19, 2007

Grasshopper 2008

Dates will be posted soon. Plan on the usual end of February start. I need to check on other race dates. Although I don't exactly plan around the "official" race schedule, I do realize that many of you make the local race rounds. We'll have the dates posted by the middle of December.




At 8:49 AM , Anonymous bvk said...

Going to do the 50mile cross ride today!sat12/29
11:00 start
looks like lots of rain,mud& Gu work todays fun.
Cant wait till feb.
Post the races soon
oh and thankx for the pain,and fun
Happy New years too~!

At 2:22 PM , Blogger gwadzilla said...

looks like fun...

I could see my attention going from the conventional race to the off the grid race

the only problem

I am on the crowded east coast

and there is not the open space to host such things


four guys doing a cycolcross practice in the park can get the attention of officer friendly


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