Friday, March 06, 2009

March 7th Details!

Since there are always folks who make this ride but not the first one I'm re-posting the flyer.

Remember: This is a training ride...(though usually pretty fast)
  • Sign waiver at Occidental Community Center (Boho Hwy and Graton Rd.)
  • 10$ for riders w/current license (rd. or mtb) 15$ for ride and 1 day license
  • 1st come 1st served on ride cards. I Think Kim is printing 220
  • Park anywhere in town; ride starts at Community Center at 10:00(If you use the Union facilities please patronize them before or after
  • NO neutral pee stop on Vly Ford Rd.-Too much chaos at crossing (Pee at own risk!)
  • No annual licenses will be available tomorrow; renew tonight online or buy 1 day
  • Finish at cross walk at South end of town. Give Kim your name. When finishing in a group keep track of order and get out of the road.
  • Ride and pass safely. Reckless riders will be excommunicated from the Church of Bike


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