Sunday, March 08, 2009

See that yellow thing down the middle? It's a line that divides one side of the road from the other. If you are in a bike or a vehicle in the USA you belong on the right hand side. If you don't know the fucking difference then stay home next time! Was there not enough climbing to sort things out yesterday? People were all over the place at the start of the day. Lucky half the pack wasn't taken out. If we see you at the King Ridge riding like that you will be asked to never come back! Clear? Remember the "no road closure" part on the flyer? It means the roads are not closed.


At 4:46 PM , Blogger surfvivor said...

Between Occidental and the first climb at Dillon I was definitely freaked out. I could not believe that so many people by their actions were saying, "screw it" and thought it okay to take up both sides of the road. If this blatant disregard continues somebody is going to be seriously injured and the waiver is not going to mean jack.
On another note, these kinds of rides are special. Where else can you go without traveling for hours and race for a t-shirt? Not to mention that you, for at least a little while are riding with some of the best riders in the world. Just read the NCNCA forum and see all the bitching and moaning there is about fields filling up within hours, Velo Promo this and that.
Let's be smart so we can continue to enjoy these events. I would like to believe that cycling is going in a new direction and the Grasshopper's are an example. I want to thank you guys so much for organizing such an event.

At 5:28 PM , Blogger bts said...

Well said Mig. Especially the kids. They see what the pros are doing and they do the same thing. It was unbelieveable how many people were passing over the double yellow yesterday.

At 6:24 PM , Blogger Justin said...

Thank you for bringing this up Mig. I was at old Caz and was a little nervous about all the yellow line crossings on blind turns. The locals drive very fast and there is very little room. Thank you for a very good time!

At 7:53 PM , Blogger MadDog said...

Very scary stuff. All the way up until Marshall, guys were across the road, much more blatant, and ignorant, than years past. Not only are they putting themselves at risk, but they're putting all of us at risk. It needs to stop.

At 10:45 AM , Blogger ripcats said...

The most effective way to keep things in check is small fields and splinting riders up by ability. Damn, I wish people would just self check their shit... amazing what people are willing to risk for the chance of what?... finishing a RIDE one or two minutes faster? Part of racing is your skill at moving up without cheating. That said, I had a great time.


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