Monday, February 08, 2010

Chileno Valley Hopper- A Benefit for Ross Dillon

Dreams can change in a heartbeat. The plans we've made suddenly take a back seat to reality, which is exactly what happened to Ross Dillon at approximately 2:50 in the afternoon on June 3, 2002 . The 25 year old cyclist was on a training ride on Occidental Road near Mills Station in Sonoma County, California.

The bike lane there is wide, the road wider still. It was a gorgeous day and we can only imagine what Ross was thinking. His marriage to Katie Meyers was just a little over two months away and he was getting ready to enter Boston College Law School in the fall after graduating cum laude from Santa Clara University with a BS in Economics. He'd taken a short break on a perfect spring day to take advantage of riding some of his favorite Sonoma County roads...Read more and sign up for updates on his progress.

Preoccupied with our training and equipment we take for granted the gift of health and fitness. Often riding in West County we remember Ross Dillon and give thanks for being able to do what we love, ride our bikes. As the years have passed his memory as a racer may fade but his challenge to rehabilitate goes one. His family has shown incredible perseverance and determination to help Ross regain the strength of his mind and body. It's on the roads of northern Marin and southern Sonoma that Ross' dad turned Ross on to what would become his passion, road biking.

As we pedal our bikes on Feb. 20th it will be in Ross' honor and to raise money to help his family with the costs associated with rehabilitation. We will be donating to the cause and encourage you to do the same. Please donate at the Hopper and ask others to support our effort. There will be a sign up to join the mailing list for Ross Dillon at registration. Most rides or races cost $30-$40. A Hopper is $10. Donate another $20. If 200 people donate $20 that's $4000! Maybe we can raise more! It's inspiring to follow his progress and will be rewarding for the Nor Cal cycling community to do our part. To stay up to date follow him at Ross Dillon Update.

In the meanwhile, rubber side down and pass it on.


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