Friday, February 05, 2010

Chileno Valley Hopper

Some people hadn't noticed the date change. The 2nd Hopper, Chileno Valley is Feb. 20th. This is the date on the Poster but different than what I originally posted. Don't have a map for you yet but here's the route:

Chileno Valley Loop

OCCIDENTAL-Coleman Valley Rd-Left Hwy 1 South to Valley Ford-Right Franklin School Rd-Left Dillon Beach Rd to Tomales-Right Hwy 1 South-Left Marshall/Petaluma Rd-Left Wilson Hill-Left Chileno Vly Rd-Left Tomales/Petaluma Rd.-Right Alexander-Left Fallon/Two Rock Rd-Cross Hwy 1 Continue on Whitaker Bluff Rd.-Continue Right on Whitaker Bluff Rd. -Right on Middle Rd-Continue Right on Middle at intersection with Marsh-Left on Vly Ford Rd/Hwy 1 Petaluma Rd-Right on Freestone/Valley Ford Cutoff-Left Hwy 12/Bodega Hwy-Right Happy-happy) Joy Road-FINISH on top of Joy just past Bitner Rd. Charles Beck's studio.

Rode it today. 80 miles. Oh the Joy!!!


At 9:08 AM , Blogger Krishna said...

Oh suck! I had the original date in my calendar, and now I'm committed to race a TTT with an old friend on the 20th. Was really looking forward to this.


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