Monday, October 26, 2009

It is about a bike

Maybe it's not about "The" bike, but it is most certainly about "a" bike. Which one? Who am I to say. Depends on the person, depends on the ride. This weekend we completed the 12th annual A.D.E. "All Day Everything" in West County or more specifically "The Ridge". I was inspired years ago after riding the DeLa Marin and so set a date, planned a hard but do-able loop and stashed a couple of coolers in the woods. This weekend it was a Specialized Epic, so far the perfect mtn. bike for me. Next week it will likely be my new SWorks Tricross, my first fully loaded new bike since racing days so expect this years Grasshopppers to have plenty of dirt in them!! 8 1/2 hours of ripping single track and fire roads was enough to overflow my cup, for a couple of days. Here I am Monday, taking a break to reflect, dreaming of more. 8 1/2 hours of bro' time, time standing still. Ever feel like life is what happens between rides? Work, family, responsibilities, commitments and obligations; it all gets put on the shelf while in motion. Especially on the dirt. Maybe this is why I love it so much. On the dirt...on the edge. A distraction, a hesitation at the wrong moment, a stroking of the ego; all will result in carnage. How many trees missed by mere centimeters? Outside edges of trails inches from washing the front wheel, endo into the abyss. It's not all about fitness. It's about focus, concentration, being and non being. Is it the clearness of mind that keeps us coming back for more or is it the fullness of mind? Empy is full. Full is empty. Game on for the Hoppers 2010. Stay tuned!


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