Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Hopper?

Sure you're out having your adventures. I'm off for the summer...mostly hanging with the kids and of course riding the dirt. Been meaning to give a heads up and a thanks for all the fun this Winter. The Hoppers always give me a reason to ride and something to look forward to. Just might do a couple more next year! Starting at the Occidental C.C. was super; took the pressure off the Union and spread us around town. Thanks again to Kim and the folks who helped to sign people up. This was a step that I did not look forward to. I've always liked that there has been no $ involved in these events but.... My "lawyer" told me it would be best to just "walk away" and maybe not organize these events. I just couldn't do it so asked around and came up with Plan B. The "non-competive" event permit. Doing this allowed me to sleep soundly and ride in bit more at peace. Of course anything can happen out there. I appreciate and respect the skill that our local cycling crew shows on the roads. This year we donated $500 to Gianni Cycling Club. This allows us to keep up our IMBA membership and SCBC dues and purchase tools for trail building and maintenance. We also gave $400 to help with HillJilly's; group rides on the road and dirt. This is organized by Kim and promoted through Bike Monkey. Hope to see more ladies out each and every year. Rubber side down and enjoy the ruby-red poison oak, the toll booth for our pleasures.


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