Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nice Ride!

What a day! 100+ and felt like a small family affair out there on the dirt. Every Hopper has a different feel, for most it was loneliness...accompanied by joy and suffering. The mellow temperature meant that atop Bummer Peak we all reminisced about the days battle without the added worrying for those still in route. I knew that when I made the turn up B.P. and not down to the lake for a swim, I was having a better ride than last year. Could the trails have been any better? Wildflower-laced candy stripe single track. There was no faking it out there; there never is. A crisp pace up Skaggs ensured that the sorting happen before the single and there was little reshuffling of the field en route. The honors were taken by White Lightning who knows each and every undulation of Lake Sonoma better than a bicuspid. Recognize this photo? Those of you who enjoyed the H2O and Tecate after it was portered out by Nick and Kim. The latter who introduced the former to the joys of hefting things around by bike trailer. Reminds me of the time I move by bike in college, remember the vacuum sticking out the top of my enormous Lowe backpack riding an ancient Nishiki road bike...anyways, thanks Nick and Kim once again. Kim has worked out a method for compiling a best time combination for the Grasshopper Training Ride Series, but only for those who do all the events. So far the one two three is Max, Rog and
Timmel. We'll see who shows up for the K.R. ride. Expect about 90 miles for the finale on May 9.


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