Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ring of Fire

Hard to accept there's no Hopper this weekend. Seems fun enough to do once a week. Sure most of you will find some buddies out there to help punch your ticket. Get the mtb dialed as Lake Sonoma is the next on our NorCal Magical Mystery tour. Getting back to the dirt where it all began. Maximum payback on ribbons of single track after punishing short super grunty climbs. Thought I'd let this Remember the Ring of Fire? Maybe we'll bring it back, or at least a version of it. Maybe Johnny Cash was talking about a phoenix, ready to rise from the ashes and not just love. Anyone can write a love song, but a song about Mtb...better leave that to the likes of Lao Tzu or Yuri. Got a good Ring of Fire story that we can post here? Send it our way.


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