Thursday, April 23, 2009

King Ridge Hopper '09

I know many of you are wondering what the f..k when I say 90 miles. I mean, well más o menos. Usually don't post the route but with the size of thing these days and seeing how we're asking you to sign up and being that we usually still run out of cards, well, here's the route. If someone wants to give me some feedback with exact milage, elevation etc. that would be swell.

Occidental...Bohemian Hwy North-Left on Moscow-Rt. on 116/River Rd-Left Old Austin Creek Rd. (Not Caz Hwy)-Rt Caz Hwy (after crossing Austin Creek)-Rt on King Ridge-Rt on Tin Barn-Left on Skaggs/Stewarts Point-Left Hwy 1-Left Kruse Rd. (dirt climb)-Rt Sea View (stay on ridge and turns in to Fort Ross briefly and then Meyers Grade-Continue on Meyers Grade w/decent to Hwy 1-Left Hwy 1-Left Willow Creek-Left Coleman Vly.

Now go ride it or just use Google Earth and then watch the Giants on T.V.


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Dirt on the road bike!!!! YES!!!!!!


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