Wednesday, May 06, 2009

King Ridge, a mystical, mythical ride. (Painting credit Charles Beck-Meyers Grade) The archetype of epic road rides in Sonoma County. The sensual paved undulations that keep mountain bikers on their road bikes. Okay I said it, maybe I'm just speaking for myself but I don't think so. I heard a complaint a couple of years ago, "this is not a road race!" No, and it's not really a road ride. It's a long, hard bike ride. Let's be honest since there will be many first timers out there; there is no easy way to ride King Ridge. And if you head north upon reaching Tin Barn Rd. your day will be a long one. Choose your company wisely, eat and drink enough and don't lose your ride card.

Grasshopper ground rules for first timers and veterans:
1. Sign in at Community Center in Occidental 10$w/license 15$ w/one day license
2. Ride begins at 10:00
3. It's unlikely that the group rides single file all day but...DON'T CROSS THE MIDDLE LINE!
4. Ride is self-supported. Plan on being gone 4+hrs. There will be no one to give you water or food nor a "broom wagon" to scoop you up with a nice mug of warm cocoa.
5.Stop for water if you need it. Stewarts Point should have water up the Hwy a bit behind the Post Office or across the street near the store.
6.This is a training ride.
7.The decents are very fast, twisty and sharp. If you know the roads ride carefully. If you don't know the roads ride very carefully. If you can't see around a turn assume there is a Ford F350 pulling a horse trailer with a Rush Limbaud sticker on his bumper and an rifle rack on his back window cutting the inside corner hauling ass up hill!
8. There are no road closures or signs on the course so don't lose your map if you need it.
9. There is water in Jenner; also bagel dogs, frozen burritos, Monster Sodas and Emil's famous smoked salmon!
10. Have a good ride and thank your mama on Sunday for birthin' ya so you can do fun shit like this!
For those who are embarking on their first Grashopper view this Intro Video


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very good advise.


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