Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today's ride was for Steve

Was the type of ride today I could have been pretty frustrated with, and was for part of the time. Driving out to The Ridge I had Steve Larsen on my mind. In fact he's been on my mind since I heard about his passing away later this week while running on the track. Dropped dead heart attack. Steve was 39 years old and the father of five. Before I was a dad I could easily say, "live life in the moment, do what you love, if it's your time it's your time." But being a dad, man it puts Life in a whole new category. A primal shift in the human paradigm of reality perception. I used to think I would ride slower on the dirt when I had kids but, well, I don't. Feel better, safer at warp speed or somewhere near there-depending on the day. I know Z would want me to lay it out. On the road, well that's a different story. Pulled my bike from the back of the truck, and remembered the rear shock had no air. Last ride in Annadel was Rough Go about...3 weeks ago. Bike's been hangin' in the shop, neglected. The Epic road much less than it's name sake. On top of this a new front cable had stretched so that the front derailuer rubbed in most combinations. The worst was the squeaky fucking rear wheel, spokes I think. Maybe grit in in freehub or cassettte. Either way, if I hadn't been alone my friends would have made me ride ahead, or behind. Now that I think of it, bike might have been soundin like crap for a while since I usually ride with my ipod, forgot it today,maybe I hadn't noticed. To a non-cyclist these would seem like minor bike problems but enough to surely kill a ride buzz. Couldn't do anything about it so what were my choices? Quit and go home, ride anyways and be pissed off, ride anyways and not be pissed off?. I'm working on my Life Philosophy and here was a great place to practice. What do we have control over in life? The way people see us? What they think of us? How (un)successful we are? All we really have control over are our own thoughts, that is, our reaction to people and situations. Getting too philosophical? Well, when was the last time you were stoked just to be out on a ride/race and surprised by some schmuck having a fit? Maybe it was you, or a good buddy who felt comfortable enough to whine and fuss in your pressence.Point is, I was doing what I love, where I love to do it. Not worth getting upset, right?Even found a new place to catch a view of the Pacific under some amazing Bay Trees. Kinda felt like taking a nap. Cut the ride short to get home and see the kids. Man, that's the crux: Steve has five kids! If there's ever a challenge it's being with and raising kids, but so worth it. Got home to catch some cartoons with Josie and she fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. Little nap watching Scooby Doo. Later Me and Z did some jumpin in the trampoline, swung on the swing and planted some pumpkin in the garden at 8:00 P.M. Read some Harry Potter and now he's deep in sleep, Josie too. Without a doubt will fix all these bike related issues before my next ride but there's always something else get upset about...but only if we CHOOSE to. Take a ride with a buddy this week on your favorite trail. Spend time with your kids, hug your wife/husband cuz man sometimes Life just aint fuckin' fair! From the sky to the mountains to the river to the Sea my two wheeled brother. RIP


At 6:28 PM , Blogger Mike W. said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and his family a few years ago through a mutual friend . I never was able to go on a ride with him but I was able to play a couple of rounds of golf and have a few nice meals with him and his wife Carrie . They are very nice people and five kids ! wow ! Mig's comments about telling the people you love how much you you care about them was spot on . On hearing of Steve's passing I went home and hugged my wife and kids and told them how much I loved them , Receiving strange looks from my teenage kid's!
A memorial wedsite has been set up in Steve's honor
Ride on
Mike Warren


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