Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chileno Hopper...READ THIS!

Charles Beck

Night before. Bike tuned,
gear packed, legs shaved
secret potions mixed
ride plan rehearsed in your mind,
Don't get
ahead of

"You are the new student...
...Fear is the only darkness"

watch, listen,
Pearls from Master Po

Who: This is a training ride, not a race.Any and all cyclists with experience riding in a pack and fitness to ride 80 miles and 8000ft of climbing. Must have safe, reliable bike. If you need help, go to NorCal or West County Revolution and get it worked on. All riders must have a USACycling License or buy a one day for $5, and sign a waiver. (If you have a USAC license, you can download and print the waiver in advance, and bring it with you. If you need to buy a 1-day license, you'll fill out your waiver on-site.) Registration costs $10. Poachers will be poached.

Remember:This is a training ride, not a race. This ride will be in honor and support of Ross Dillon so please donate what you can and sign up to keep up to date on his progress. Donation Box and Mailing List will be at Registration.

When:This is a training ride, not a race. Feb. 20, 10:00 A.M. Pro 1,2,3 will start first. Cat 4,5 and recreational riders will begin immediately after. Women will ride with men (but don't have to pull through unless they want to, especially my sister :)

Where: This is a training ride, not a race.Occidental. Start at Occ. Community Center corner of Graton Rd and Bohemian Hwy. There is parking behind the Union Hotel and near the Community Center. The Union Hotel will have a bikers lunch special so stop by afterward.

Why: This is a training ride, not a race.If you need to ask then just stay home.

We're days away from the Chileno Valley Hopper and from what I've heard there's going to be quite a crowd. Last year we had 250+ and the riding was very dangerous at the start. This is the "easiest" of the Hoppers and tends to be the largest, all the more reason to ride safely. In order to prevent "bulging" of the pack we are beginning up Coleman Valley and not down Bohemian Hwy. I'm certain this will help spread the group out but it also means we will begin on a very narrow road with no yellow line so stay on the right side of the road,not the middle. There are always a large number of first time Grasshopper participants on this ride, and many who have never ridden the course. Everyone needs to be aware that people who drive these back roads often drive very fast, drive big trucks, and cut corners. Remember, this is a training ride. There are NO road closures, NO course markings, NO water or food, NO Sag. Come prepared to finish the ride on your own. There is food and water in Tomales and in Valley Ford en route if you need to stop. Don't forget to bring your ride card with map, credit card if you need it, and a space blanket if you need to take a nap along the way.

Finish: Will be near the top of Joy Rd. just past Bittner and the studio of World Famous Salmon Fisherman, Painter, Cyclist and all around great guy Charles Beck.


At 11:52 PM , Blogger surfvivor said...

About being prepared. 15-25knot SW wind forcast = a lot of headwind and rain.

At 6:57 PM , Blogger cncrtathlt said...

So,stay on Joy rd.,not down Bitner?

At 1:08 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

yup, stay on joy rd. you'll get your ride card when you register, with all the juicy details.

At 1:59 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Here's a link to a google map with the course (as best I can deduce from the blog so far).

See you tomorrow,

At 6:38 PM , Blogger atom said...

clear skies!


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