Friday, November 17, 2006

Telling Tall Tales

This will be the 9th year of the G.A.S. That's a lot of races(really fast rides). Everyone who has been out has a story to tell; days of glory, days of suffering. Here's a chance to tell your tale, or tuck your tail between your legs. Either way should be interesting to hear...for those o.t.b. to hear about what Phil and Paul would have seen. For those in the middle or back, is there really such a place when you're digging into your own personal "suitcase of courage"? We're all heros in our own minds at one time or another. If not what would keep you coming back for more?
Would like to start this out with folks who've been out since the beginning. Let's hear it...Can you remember that far back when the rides left from the fog of Gianni Cyclery?

This is me the year Levi turned around with Mark H. after George picked up the tempo at the top of King Ridge. Notice the resemblance of Geo to Riis.