Monday, April 27, 2009

King Ridge Ride Profile

Sorry, it's only 84 miles. Next year just wait! Here's a map. Thanks Tim.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

King Ridge Hopper '09

I know many of you are wondering what the f..k when I say 90 miles. I mean, well más o menos. Usually don't post the route but with the size of thing these days and seeing how we're asking you to sign up and being that we usually still run out of cards, well, here's the route. If someone wants to give me some feedback with exact milage, elevation etc. that would be swell.

Occidental...Bohemian Hwy North-Left on Moscow-Rt. on 116/River Rd-Left Old Austin Creek Rd. (Not Caz Hwy)-Rt Caz Hwy (after crossing Austin Creek)-Rt on King Ridge-Rt on Tin Barn-Left on Skaggs/Stewarts Point-Left Hwy 1-Left Kruse Rd. (dirt climb)-Rt Sea View (stay on ridge and turns in to Fort Ross briefly and then Meyers Grade-Continue on Meyers Grade w/decent to Hwy 1-Left Hwy 1-Left Willow Creek-Left Coleman Vly.

Now go ride it or just use Google Earth and then watch the Giants on T.V.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nice Ride!

What a day! 100+ and felt like a small family affair out there on the dirt. Every Hopper has a different feel, for most it was loneliness...accompanied by joy and suffering. The mellow temperature meant that atop Bummer Peak we all reminisced about the days battle without the added worrying for those still in route. I knew that when I made the turn up B.P. and not down to the lake for a swim, I was having a better ride than last year. Could the trails have been any better? Wildflower-laced candy stripe single track. There was no faking it out there; there never is. A crisp pace up Skaggs ensured that the sorting happen before the single and there was little reshuffling of the field en route. The honors were taken by White Lightning who knows each and every undulation of Lake Sonoma better than a bicuspid. Recognize this photo? Those of you who enjoyed the H2O and Tecate after it was portered out by Nick and Kim. The latter who introduced the former to the joys of hefting things around by bike trailer. Reminds me of the time I move by bike in college, remember the vacuum sticking out the top of my enormous Lowe backpack riding an ancient Nishiki road bike...anyways, thanks Nick and Kim once again. Kim has worked out a method for compiling a best time combination for the Grasshopper Training Ride Series, but only for those who do all the events. So far the one two three is Max, Rog and
Timmel. We'll see who shows up for the K.R. ride. Expect about 90 miles for the finale on May 9.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lake Sonoma 2009

Too tired to write anything witty. Got out for a quick 9 holes at Northwood today and stunk it up pretty bad. Whooped again by an aging chain smoker; at least this weekend should get skinned by mega-fit warriors...this I can stomach. Speaking of success, remember when Jordan was skying from the freethrow line? Check out this world record slam dunk. On to this weekend's event. We will begin at the Lake Sonoma Visitor Center on the Eastside parking area (gravel side). There will be sign ins as usual this year and we will start at 10:00. We will ride in a clockwise direction "around the lake", only briefly on the lower part of the Billy Cross loop,and finish at the VERY top of Bummer Peak! If it's hot remember to bring plenty of water. There is no water on the ride, unless you drink from the horse trough like my sister and others, and there is no way to make the loop shorter. Any way you slice's a long day. Fun, but long. Here's a map that you can contemplate while pretending to check your client's emails or try the Army Corps. If you ended up here looking for Kabush's video from the Old Caz Hopper...Here it is! Woops, I mean Here ya go!