Monday, February 26, 2007

Well...we made it through the first one!

Sooner or later the rain was going to return during Grasshopper season. It's hard to have a truly epic day without losing feeling in your toes and fingers. How deeply did you dig into your own personal "suitcase of courage" this time?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Answers to your questions!

Is the ride still happening if it's raining and the river is swollen? yes. Will Doctor Dentist be there to defend his title? Yes. Will someone make the wrong turn and hear the theme song to Deliverance? Yes. Should I ride my road bike with big tires or my mountain bike with small tires? Yes. Will Chuck have shiny legs? Yes. Is that a mullet Leo is working on? Not sure yet! Will Team Gianni be sporting it's new kit? Yes. Did Sonoma County bring home both the men's and women's County Line trophies? Oh yes! Is Mig procatinating on correcting papers? Yes! Hasta sábado.