Monday, April 23, 2007

Got Rain?

Should I or should I not bring my raincoat? Many people may have asked themselves the same question and if the answer was "no" there was untold suffering to be had. I had room, so stuffed it in. Two jerseys, arm wamers, a vest, long sleeve jersey and a raincoat...was perfect. Didn't even need to stop in Jenner for coffee. Though I say Leo's bike and was suprised not to see Emil with fingers in his Hello Kity survival kit digging for enough coins to buy a slab of smoked salmon. For those of you who drove to Livermore in pursuit of mythological upgrade points, you missed some serious soulsearching. Out of 80 starters only 30 made it up Coleman Vly at the end. Two rode all the way through Bodega to Freestone, (didn't you have a card Brad?). Many took the "short way home" up Willow Creek. Cameron headed to Caz via Fort Ross, and I heard two people turned around at Plantation and returned home....probably the hardest ride of the day with a climb UP Hauser Bridge. I'm happy for the rain. Like Ducky said "I love Cazadero in the rain". To love it any other way is not to love it for what it is....a freakin' rainforest! Even on a sunny day the ride would have been a suffer fest for these untrained legs, glad the heavens above upped the antie and made Sat. a true Grasshopper! After beating the field by 5 minutes B. Andersen got to comlete the ride with a cool down spin home to Santa Rosa. Should be on track for another Terrible Two Thrashing. Tell us your story!

Friday, April 20, 2007

King Ridge Grasshopper

Each year this ride is altered just slightly. In the past we've descended the dirt to Salt Point or turned Rt. on Tin Barn and tortured ourselves up Fort Ross from the coast. We have always ended up Willow Creek Rd. The exception being the year I decided it would be "fun" to finish up Bay Hill and Joy after a quick trip to Gualala. Ever since Coleman Valley was included in the Tour of California I've been committed to giving locals and visiting riders a taste of the Coleman Vly Love!
The route this year is as follows: After the traditional approach up King Ridge we head south on Hauser Bridge and follow the ridge all the way to Hwy 1. Coninue on 1 to Coleman Vly. Finish in usual spot. No dirt. Fastest time should be somewhere around 3hr 20 minutes. Hasta maƱana,