Monday, March 10, 2008

The Burn

Did the Burn yesterday a couple of times. Roger told me to do it ten but I won't tell how many
times I made it up or how long it took. No,
I'm not in the closet any longer..(just once a week Jason, I swear!) .FUERZA, right Yuri? Did it on Sat. with the Zman attached to theback; dinner at my dad's on top of the hill. The little rascal didn't even let his dad take a break. So it's on, right?
When local bragging rights are bagged first by the Super Seven Duo one year and then by the Crushing Canadians the next, we know the anti has been upped. I remember learning the expression "Big Fish in Little Pond" from Geo "I'll-Mooch- a -Goo- Now-and- Rip -Your -Legs -Off-Later" Hope in early Gianni years. For those of us lucky enough to be dragged around by some of the World's fastest in our backyards and backroads I think the expression "Big Fish in Big Pond" would be more appropriate. I remember being in the winning move with Jim Moser,Duncan Meyers and Steven Cozza on the Old Caz loop years ago, a "muuussselly" pace up Duncan's destroyed most. Who is this guy we asked....and how old is he? His dad called me the week before to get the scoop and I described the climbs and the overall challenges of the ride. Good he said, my son likes to climb. (We've seen that lately)How about the inaugural missions of Mike A. and D.Vigus, weren't they in the main break and ended up walking the paved section of Willow Creek? Lucas E. is now racing Paris Nice, Yuri is lifestyle athlete for Marin, Dan H. has the nicest legs around and Leo Autuori has a beard! Gavin even showed up to take the win a few years back and Mark H. has flown solo on K Ridge more than once. Let us not forget the "Palacite" B. Anderson who crushed everyone on last years King Ridge in the rain before riding home to S.R.The winning time of 3:01 by Erin Timel will be hard to beat, but I predict a winning time of 2:54. We all know that for this to be true bragging rights there are a couple of key players missing in the line up. If they sneak it in as one of their "training rides" expect a fast hard day. If not....plan on a fast and hard day.


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