Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Public Enemy #1 and....#2?

Decided to take Z for his first Annadel ride this weekend. Told him I'm taking him to one of my favorite places. After toughing out the traffic on our way to Channel Drive we saddled up the rig, strapped on our helmets and were off! He's so much fun to ride with and it's great to hear him giggling on the descents and telling me to go faster on the uphills. Chatting with him we casually rolled through the stop sign next to Ranger station. I must admit that at this point I always look for traffic....if you can call it that. One driveway and the Ranger's office. We must have been going about 9 m.p.h. Two other cyclists ahead of me did the same but he called to me to return. What did I do? What would you do? He left a mtb. biker who he was lecturing, jumped in his Ford V8, chased me down and wrote me a citation. He of course took the time to lecture me about being a bad father and accused me of teaching my son to run stop signs. Those of you who know me would be proud the way I took the little lecture and got on my way. Reminds me of the time I got kicked out of traffic school...that's another story. We had a great ride! Can't wait to show Z where all the secret trails are! The moral of the story, run the sign if you're on your road or mountain bike, he's written all single riders off as "unteachable" but be careful if your kids on the back. Don't know about tandems on couples, you'll have to try it out and report back. Mig


At 10:32 AM , Blogger Big Sis Ant said...

Oh no, I can't believe that happened with Z on your dad bike! Crap. Guess he probably saw a "better" example than we used to with Dad in the line at banks, etc. Nice writing, bro. Good to be back in the cycling scene and good to see you're still here too!



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