Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Punto de los Reyes

History tells that Sir Francis Drake anchored at "Drakes Bay" for nearly a month without the slightest view atop Mt. Vision. He undoubtedly did not name it thus. For those of you who stopped seeing cross-eyed long enough were gifted with a viewed unmatched on the Pacific Coast. Up Tomales Bay from Mt. Vision you can see as far a St. Helena, to the west you can see the cliffs towards the lighthouse, up Bofax climb a majestic view of Stinson Beach and Bolinas Lagoon and then on Bofax Ridge the view you see in this photo, sort of. I forgot to mention the view of Mt. Diablo and San Pablo Bay looking east. I won't lie to you. When I got to the view looking east I was too busy enjoying passing Emil who was taking a leak and and snorting Emergen C and Dan B. who was massaging his busting hammies. I did sneak a peak in looking up the Tomales Bay and even heard a hoot from one of the Arcata bro's who managed to take a bit in before dropping me on Mt. Vision pavement. I love this ride! I can take all the suffering in the world if I'm rewarded with single track during and at the end. My goals were a bit lofty today, I wanted to win. Bit of the old me coming back with my sporadic fitness, but it was not to be. Duh! Tough guy Glenn Fant took his victory in a time of 2:33 followed a minute back by Chris Brown and then Duncan, George and Yuri. Year in and year out it's the same fella's filling out the leader board. Dan Harding was up there along with Shane. It's a close race in the overall between Shane, Chris and George. Nice to see the consistency this year which will make for a more exciting last couple of races. Remember that Lake Sonoma will be double points as usual. Sara P. won the ladies but I heard paid the price with some serious effort at the end to fight off Cathy C. (my little sister) in the end. Gina Hall was out for the fun too! I know most of you have been looking for results all week...Katrina did a great job...Kim uploaded them...then I went and changed my page and lost the photo and results links. You'll have to wait on this one! Happy trails.


At 7:58 AM , Blogger Austin said...

Super thanks to Greg for stepping up and providing his contact info to the ranger at the start. Turns out that a permit was needed to have more than 10 riders and the national park service was being kind to allow the event to happen. While it was fun to "race", please remember how important it is to pass horses with respect and caution. I witnessed some very uncool passing of horses on the singletrack that left a couple horses very disturbed and a few mounted riders a bit upset. Remember, we share the trails with others and need to be fair to all who enjoy being outdoors.


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