Friday, January 16, 2009

Grasshopper 2009

Hardsack hit the Sport, Me and Leo dropped out to wait for Snap and pelt him with mudballs and Kilgore broke his frame...notice the maticulous post race care of our racing machines.

So it's on. The 11th annual series of the "World's Fastest Training Rides". All rides are presented by Gianni Cycling Club, who will all be sporting sexy new kits this year. In order to continue providing these rides we've become a USA Cycling Club and are holding these events as "non-competitive training rides". This means you will be required to hold a license or buy a one day for 5 bucks and sign a waiver. It will cost 10 bucks for the days event; a superfine ride and Dow's custon laminate to hang on your fridge. We will be using the Occidental Community Center to sign in and begin the ride. There is parking as usual behind the Union Hotel but the start and motivational speech will take place at the OCC. If you can't find it, ride around a can't exactly get lost in downtown Occidental. Please pass the word on. Also, these events have taken place for ten years with no charge and it's only changing because, changes. If you want to do the ride and feel the need to "poach" it I fully encourage you to do so...the day before!!!
Here's the dates:
Old Caz Feb 28th
Chileno Valley March 7th
Lake Sonoma April 11th
King Ridge May 9th

All rides will happen rain or shine and will begin at 10:00, probably:)


At 6:13 PM , Blogger b-luv said...

SWEEEEEEEEEET! yipppee Holyhotdogs!

At 6:35 PM , Blogger daniel said...

I love the old photo. Remember the shorts that Snap got for our kits from Italy. He got some kinda special deal. They were the cheapest shorts he could find. They were some kind of shiny material and fit super weird. That race was classic! Muddiest race I've ever ridden!
Hey, I've still got my jersey but it has some unremovable mold stains on it... I wonder why?

At 8:07 PM , Blogger Justin said...


It was awesome to be back for the Grasshopper Old Caz. Was the route we did today the same as the year I 'won' it? Just curious about that and finish times. I guess the inner bike-dork wants to compare himself to Kabush. Do you still have documentation from the early days?

J. Morgan


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