Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lake Sonoma

I came out for exercise, gentle exercise, and to notice the scenery and to botanise. And no sooner do I get on that accursed machine than off I go hammer and tongs; I never look to right or left, never notice a flower, never see a view - get hot, juicy, red - like a grilled chop. Get me on that machine and I have to go. I go scorching along the road, and cursing aloud at myself for doing it.

-- H.G. Wells, The Wheels of Chance

This isn't a photo of the Lake Sonoma Trail and don't expect to find it on a Grasshopper, just a little local teaser. Perhaps you've ridden Lake Sonoma by yourself or with someone les fit than you and have stopped to enjoy the views or even soak in the seasonal pools nestled in the redwood cleavage. I did once but it was at night and I was avoiding four-legged rototillers and fixing my mangled rear deraileur. I have stopped to check out the flora, once while I fixed a flat on my single speed and another time when I slurped down some GU after being dropped by Rog. Saturday will be scenic but most will likely be riding "hammer and tongs" and all will finish with a "Bummer" of a climb. I laugh to myself each year when we post this course thinking about Bummer Peak. Reminds me of the last pitch on Pine Flat. I would never choose a course that I wouldn't ride....so don't worry! Besides, it's only a 2 1/2 hr ride...for the top pro men!
Shane leads the series ahead of Chris and Cathy leads the women ahead of Sarah. Anything could happen out there. Remember, double points for the finale. Party at Roger and Hilary's afterwards and some custom awards. I know, no prizes, but some of the riders/artists wanted to contribute this year. If you've never ridden Lake Sonoma it's advisable to study the map and use it. There are some wrong turns to take. My sister even manage to take a wrong turn before we hit the single track but I suppose wrong-way Rog' would never get lost on his home turf. Oh yeah, bring plenty of water.


At 6:20 PM , Blogger keith marchando said...

Dead on qoute of a day at the races. Thank you and everyone else involved with the Grasshopper Series for a most excellent adventure.


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