Monday, April 28, 2008

King Ridge 2008

What is the Grasshopper series all about? It could perhaps be summarized in poem, or how about a painting? If last year was the first time you rode Meyers Grade you probably didn't know this is the view you missed. I wore two jerseys, a vest, a long sleeve jersey and a plastic raincoat. Face felt like...well...hail in the face and eyeballs at 45 mph! Charles Beck is a local painter and cyclist, can you tell by his perspective on Sonoma County? I believe this piece is still for sale but if you come out this weekend you'll have the image etched on your retina for free. We try to mix this loop up every year since there's so many options. Be prepared for a 7 mile downhill dirt section sandwiched between some 20% climbs. Makes for a tough call on tires eh? That's the point of all this; that and the fact that traditionally many riders end up hitch hiking home from Jenner or snuggling up with some smoked salmon and a cold coke hoping they'll find a shorter way up Willow Creek. Not for the faint of heart.


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