Friday, May 02, 2008

Price of Admisson

Beat from a week of being on stage. Telling kids what to do and helping them learn a language that most could care less about. Jesus or Buddha could be in the classroom exuding the knowledge of the ages and a student would raise their hand...."will this be on the final exam?"
Back to an old post, does it all matter? Yes. Does it all matter? No. Uncomfortable with this paradox? Remember an altered state conversation with myself in high school...if I didn't exist would the Universe exist? Never really got an answer for this one, was never on my Physics test either. Couldn't really be proved, doesn't really matter...does matter, gray matter pitter patter pancake batter! So what is the price of admission on an epic Grasshopper ride? King Ridge always brings up memory, reflection and introspection. I remember my first ride, solo in '92 on my mtn. bike. Remember sitting on top of Sea View and devouring a pbj sandwich, discovering the meaning of bonk like discovering acid when someone sneaks it into your tea before you head off to job interview. Remember having legs that wouldn't quit, attacking at Russian Gulch and riding solo down 1 and up Willow Creek for my first and only stage victory. Remember stopping on Fort Ross to take a crap, not sure what happened to that shammy. Remember coming to Jenner to find Emil spending 10 bucks on a hunk of smoked salmon. No Coke, no muffin, just salmon. Luckily someone else had bought a jug of Snapple. Snapple and smoked salmon. Wash it down with a GU and ready to go.
Last night at 9 heard Z fall off to deep sleep, out of bed and out to the shop. Just a few things to do. Pulled the cranks to my mtb, cleaned the chainrings and replaced the middle. Replaced the rear cassette and added grease to the rear hub and adjusted the bearings. Still need to rebuild the fork, next time. On to my road bike. Last week replaced the Dura Ace Cranks, chain and cassette. New front deraileur, cables and bar tap. Last night pulled the cassette hub body and cleaned and replace the bearings. Runs smoother. Replaced the tires. Shaved my legs last week. Made a trip to NorCal last week for parts and recovery drink. Rode Figueroa mtn. last Fri. Went to my grandma's funeral on Sat. Payed bills on line yesterday. Will ride tomorrow. Will ride tomorrow. And while I'm riding tomorrow I will ride tomorrow. That's the point of it all. To ride, but not tomorrow for we never ride tomorrow, we always ride in the moment and sometimes the moment lasts for several hours. I suppose the winning "moment" will be 3 hours an the "last place" moment will be about 5 hours. So how do we compare our moments? Next week we can write about our ride in the past but that's the future for now. See you tomorrow which is our future and will soon be the present.


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