Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Here's the map for the Willow Creek State Park section. All trails are open to bikes. The south face is wet so be careful. Watch for hikers and bikers. This route will not be marked so will be best to pre-ride. You will need to climb over a locked gate when turning left on to State land from Freezout Rd. It is the SECOND left. If you're off the front you can wait for me. If you're off the back...follow the tracks. Additional route info to will be posted soon. Finish will be BEFORE locked gate at top of Willow Creek, not at Coleman Valley.

To tired to write anything witty but here's the road directions in case you have time to ride the course.

Remember to carry all your own food and water. No support. If you need a bottle hand up you are taking these fun training rides much too seriously. It also makes things unsafe for others and un-evens the playing field.

Graton Rd to Graton—Cross 116—continue straight on Frei Rd.—Left on Guerneville Rd.—Rt. Laguna Rd.—Rt. Trenton Healdsburg—Cross River Rd—Continue on Trenton/Healdsburg Rd.—Lft. Eastside Rd.—Rt. Wohler Rd.—Rt. Westside Rd. (It’s on when we get to Westside Rd.) –Lft. Sweetwater Springs Rd.—Lft. Armstrong Woods Rd.—Rt. River Rd.—Rt. Old Cazadero Rd---Up and then down to creek. Up again and down to Cazadero—Rt. After Caz store on Austin Creek Rd.—Cross Cazadero Hwy and continue on Austin Creek Rd. –Rt. River Rd.—Lft Moscow Rd in Duncan’s Mills—Rt. Freezout Rd.—2nd left on Freezout. Climb gate, enter State Park.-Follow Map
Approx. 60 miles and 7000ft of climbing
Finish on Willow Creek BEFORE locked gate at top


At 1:39 PM , Blogger Allison said...

This one looks so silly hard. What fun! Will probably join the King Ridge Winter Deluge and the Lake Sonoma Roaster as 'most memorable'.

At 9:01 PM , Blogger preston said...

One modification in the future that would add a small cross section is to take a right at Eastside and left into Riverfront park. From there you can get through to Wholer Bridge (east side). Probably add 5 miles or so, but a very cool section.



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