Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grasshopper Final Stage

Video by Tom Rosencrantz
January!-June!. The "!" stands for the Hoppers we've all stamped on the end of our months. Time flew by this winter. In part due to the business of life; teaching, riding my bike, raising two kids, working on my place, but also the culmination of every month with an epic ride with my bro's (and sisters). The Hoppers are a gathering of the clan. Not so different than racing mtn. bikes in the 90's, in fact some familiar faces still in the mix. Was a disappointment not to include Lake Sonoma this year, won't happen again! Fortunately the Hoppers seem to exist in a steady state form of equilibrium. Each year there are new riders who come out because they've heard stories. Either they love the rides and keep coming back, or they realize they are too hard, not enough services etc. and choose not to return. Then there are those who cannot stay away even though they know better. Retired pros, new fathers can't seem to resist the calling and are often humbled by the depth of the field and the intensity of the "friendly" competition. Definitely a field of tough love. How many private battles have been waged in the silent switch backs of Willow Creek? We managed to include dirt in 3 of the 5 and I've figured out a Fort Ross loop that will include dirt as well. How fun it is to craft challenging, asthetically perfect loops and see who shows up. Had a few minutes yesterday by myself sitting on Willow Creek after the finish in utter bliss. Was stoked to present the Spike to Shane and Lindsey, both proud to have claimed the overall victory. Hung out to greet rider 88 as he rolled in at 5:55. There were no sour faces, well some in deep pain but a euphoric pain that shows the pride of accomplishment.

The days honors went to John Hunt and I understand it was a true battle to the end. Timmel was in the mix but somehow got a flat. How many flats were there? Women's honor for the day went to Brenda Phelps and Hilary Bartels who came in at a scorching time of 4:37. Heard they were rippin the fella's legs off! Overall was Shane. Congrats! A True bike warrior; road, cross, mtb you pick it and he'll bring it! 2nd was Rog and I somehow managed 3rd. Too tired to report further, need to put a bathroom window in tomorrow before leaving for Costa Rica on Thurs. It was a blast as always! Thanks to everyone who helped out and to everyone who participated. Hope you cup has been filled, now go share a drink with the world!


At 1:20 PM , Blogger Tom R said...

Miguel, Thanks for your time and efforts for keeping the Grasshopper a legacy and a current and exciting event. Many of my friends will share my sentiments regarding the series as "Some of the Best Riding" in Northern California. We all hope that you can continue the trend with these amazing rides, which brings out the best group's of people from our cycling community. I look forward to participating in many more to come.
Thanks a Ton!

At 2:04 PM , Blogger Jim Barkow said...

for anyone wondering, here's my strava upload.

i had 3 flats, a broke deraileur cable, a crash down kings ridge- so stopped a bit.

yes, fort ross is 13% average.


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