Saturday, June 12, 2010

King Ridge Hopper 2010

Pre-rode the Hopper course with the intention of throwing in triple dirt. Kruse, Salt Point and Willow Creek. Must say, was a perfect ride for me; my Tarmac Pro worked well as a cross bike. To the relief of many we will omit the Salt Point section. The plan was to CLIMB the central trail from the coast to Sea View but it's REALLY wet.
We will instead do King Ridge, Hauser Bridge then descend Kruse to Hwy 1. Of course this means we will be climbing Fort Ross Rd and then ride Meyers Grade to Hwy 1 and then climb Willow Creek. We will finish before the locked gate at the top of Willow Creek.

The final ride is double points so there's a possibility of mixing things up a bit. Shane is killing it this year and me and Rog are nippin at his heels, well at least barking from a distance. Been a pleasure to host the series for the 12th year and couldn't do it without the volunteers at sign in and Kim's work at the start, finish, map design and results...actually I guess she does almost everything, hey... I have to ride the f'in things, right?


At 10:20 AM , Blogger Ryan said...

With the last gas just around the corner some things come to mind. The 'ridge' is the thunder dome. Petty questions such as 2 or 3 water bottles? or 25 or 28 tooth sprocket? Aren't goin to mean a thing when one punctures once on the dirt descent and twice riding up the inverted cobbles of lower willow creek. Hope that everyone brings their broken bottle and chain for the rumble (and gets home safe). Heres a link (a bit graphic) that sums up the best and worst of the gas mentality:

At 10:19 AM , Blogger Douglas said...

Total miles on this??? anyone know?


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