Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hopper 4 Details

Saturday's ride will be a gift for the roadies as I couldn't even sneak in a sliver of dirt. Whenever I start to feel my legs being shredded by my skinny tire brethren I dream of one last burst and a dash for hole shot into swoopy singletrack. No trails but the West County roads may as well be single track.

Ride starts at 10 at the Occidental Community Center. Remember to bring your USAC license or purchase a 1 day for 5 bucks. You need to sign a waiver. The ride fee is $10 unless you feel the need to give more so you get your money's worth. We will finish up Joy and end in the same spot. Please make sure to stop and if you are going to hang out, move to the side of the road.

Remember, these are organized training rides and not "races". This does not stop people from riding fast. Ride and pass safely. There are no signs, food, sag or water. Bring everything you need. It's been years since anyone has had to stop to buy smoked salmon in Jenner and call for a ride home, so if this is you, make sure to bring some money. All the roads are open and there will be traffic. Vehicles on back roads tend to be big so stay to the side and be alert, don't take risks that will jeopardize your safety, the saftey of others, and our opportunity to share in these fun rides.

Thanks in advance to Chaz for letting us hang at his place, Kim and Gianni brothers and sisters who help with sign in and finish, and of course Pacha Mama for the air we breathe and the water that keeps us alive. (and mountains to make it all worth going up...)


How's your Kung Fu?


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