Thursday, March 25, 2010


Route change....The ride will follow the proposed route up to and including Sweetwater and Old Cazadero. We will finish Saturday's ride by riding 116 to Russian River and up Willow Creek. Will finish before locked gate at top. To avoid potential conflict and impact user access we will be skipping this climb. Those who have pre-ridden may not be so sad. The Freezout climb is on State land and user access is provided by permit. Visit Landpath's website for details about how to get a permit. Stay tuned for updates and ways to get involved. The ride will be longer but have less climbing.

Remember, Grasshopper are self-supported rides. Bring everything you need to get you through the day. Everyone must have a USAC license or purchase a 1 day. The cost of the ride is $10. 1 day license is $5. Sign in at the Occidental Community Center. Remember to eat lunch at the Union Hotel and ask for the Grasshopper Special.

There are no road closures, this is a large group ride so ride respectfully. We will ride as a group until Wohler Bridge and then it's on. Pee stop on Eastside Rd. after crossing River Road. If someone is giving you water on the course make sure there is enough to share.

If you have never ridden Sweetwater Springs Road please do the decent on Google Earth before Sat. There are several corners that are the tightest I have ever ridden...+/- 130 degrees! Follow someone in your group who knows the decent. There is a large tree down on Old Caz so do your best.

First-time Hopper earlier post "What is a Grasshopper" and others to help understand the history and spirit of these rides. TELL ALL FRIENDS AND FANS NOT TO DRIVE TO END OF WILLOW CREEK TO SEE THE FINISH....RIDE A BIKE! THERE IS NO PARKING AT THE END OF THE ROAD.

We all know what's at stake here, so when your buddy trash talks you before the start just use the words of the Dude, what more needs to be said.


At 9:43 AM , Blogger Douglas said...

The route change is a good idea. Old Barn trail is still very muddy. Having 200+ cyclist ride over it would cause damage.
The climb was quite challenging, but Willow creek is plenty!
See you out there!


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