Thursday, June 03, 2010

Not a Hopper But Pretty Damn Fast

With a pending cancellation of last weekend's Hopper checked in with brotherhood for a pulse on over-all foaminess. Rog' claimed to have thrown in a mean taper but wasn't interested in a road Hopper. Shane was up for the dirt as were Y Boat, CB, The Boyler, Duncan...even Captain L was in for an "easy" day. He really knows how to flatter his friends. The Ridge it was and was...Nectar! Hurt to not have a mtb. Hopper, will not happen again! To make up for it plan on a surplus of dirt for the King Ridge Hopper. Plan on some fresh rubber. We will have 3 sections of dirt on the day including two stiff climbs on dirt, the last of which is Willow Creek. That's all you're gonna get out of me so don't ask! Plan on +/- 80 miles and freakin' hard!


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